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N.Lichtig, Echolalia, oil on linen, variable sizes, 2023/24 (selection)

The paintings of the series Echolalia are first separated by a line, and then a range of colors are superposed by the action of mixing solvants of different nature, hiding and making reapear previous layers of paint.

As a second step, that is as much part of the work as the process of making the object, the painting is 'listented to' until it starts to 'speak' : Parting from the paintings, words appear as actors, and the language that appears through the process of 'listening to a painting' is put into form as a reading where the painting speaks in the first person.

Extract of the reading:

In a more complex form, implicating musical collaborations, the words that a painting makes appear exist also as radio sound pieces, where this process of echoing a painting , or more generally a piece of art, expands to works of other artists.

The soundpieces can be listed to at:

The series Echolalia is related to the Replika series, which are language based scores created in the presence of the painting to be echoed.

2024 in:
Echolalia, Maison de Heidelberg (painting) & Radio Divergence (sound), Montpellier, France

2023 in:
When our lips speak together
, Anne+, Paris, France


Songs by Falseparklocation & Nanana are partly appearing within the sound pieces:

currently under construction

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