N.Lichtig, Un-Unframed Series (wood, pencil on paper, transparent film, sometimes: pebble) and (silkscreen print on fabric, glass, oil and acrylic on canvas, variable sizes). 2012—ongoing.

I relate the Un-Unframed Series to language and more precisely to loss of language: Its fragments of forms which I have drawn from conversations. The "deframing" enables a pivoting of the drawing, enabeling its view vice and versa. Each work is kept in transparent film containing a various number of superimposed drawings each, giving each object a specific weight, depending of the length of the conversation.


2019 in: Grammaires fantômes / Phantomgrammatiken, Maison de Heidelberg, Montpellier, France.

2020 in: Mistral, Site Site Parasite, Marseille, France.