more  voices

Ghosttrap, 2006/17
photography, print / installation, performance, sound

Ghosttrap is a series of photography, print and sound pieces based on interviews, where persons reply to the question: “what are you afraid of?” Collected in English in different countries, such as Thaïland, India, Germany and France, they are retranscribed, keeping the individual rythms and idioms of each speaker. They are shown as silksreens in photoluminescent ink, alternatively in light and darkness. The photos represent places where the stories told have, or could have taken place. As a performance, the photos are projected and the stories are resaid and partly put into music. Each photography belongs to a story printed on paper with photoluminescent ink, to be read in the dark.
Gossip as Testimony, 2015/17
drawing, edition  performance, sound

Gossip as Testimony is a collection of quotes of authors such as Monika Wittig, Luce Irigaray, Gertrude Bell, Irit Rogoff, Calamity Jane, Marija Gimbutas, Virginia Woolf, Genviève Fraisse, Thomas Bernhard, Carla Lonzi, amongst many others. They are combined with drawings and used as a score, continued vocally in live performances (voice, microphone, looper, speakers). "Speaking to myrself in my own voice, singing reinterpreting, looping, superposing words, I enter in a dialog and converse with authors, in a non linear approach of knowledge and form construction, relating to traditionally minor formes of expression, such as journal, conversation, orality. The title Gossip as Testimony refers to an article of the same name, written by Irit Rogoff.
Pictures  of Nothing, 2012//17
painting, drawing, print, sound

Pictures of Nothing takes its starting point from an interview, of which fragments, words in Serb, Czech, Hungarian, French, German and English are isolited and worked out as an emotional score: the drawings and paintings attempt to "empty" the words of their meaning, concentrating on the subjective, autobiographical relation developped to their sound, their melody, once outspoken.
Headless, 2012/17
painting, print, perfume, sound
The Headless series are paintings partly reworked as prints.The prints are caracterized by an optical vibration due to the overlayering of grids creating a moiré effect, in front of which one has physically to move in from side to side, closer to and further from the surface, in order to perceive the motifs – depending one's distance, one can recognize entities, decipher phantoms on the surface, even though one can still consider these paintings nonrepresentational. A perfume accompanies the paintings.
Mille Temps, 2012/13

30 prisms, 45 Led lights, anemometer, controler, permanent site specific installation, Lycée Marc Bloch, Sérignan,

Reacting on the climatic conditions of its emplacement, the windy and sunny Camargue in south  of France, the white light spectrum of the sun appears as rays touch the prisms hanging over the courtyard. At night time, a row of 45 lights immerged in ponds placed behind the columns of the facade are making visible the mouvements of the wind, by the transmission of its strengh and its speed measured with a meteorologic station installed on the roof of the building.
It's all gone, 2007/14
photography, painting / installation, sound
The work consists in a 5 m long canvas dragged through the sky by a plane.