Falseparklocation version

(with Christian Bouyjou/ Nadia Lichtig)

song edited by Dokidoki records





It's all gone


what's growing on the sides / it's all gone / the streets look all the same / and the city centres look all the same / people shop at the same places and wear the same clothes / have all the same faces / and strive for all the same things / you have 25 million possibilities to be this or that or something else / where is the sun ? / every time we drive through a city / there are always many things happening there / but the things we see are all the same / the streets are the same / people say the same things / all the time they have the same things to say / and on the radio / they play the same songs / all over again / people only love what they know / that's what they say / people only love  what they know / even though there is nothing so different than your mind and mine / we wear the same clothes / and the shops we go to / they are all the same / and there is nothing growing on the sides / it’s all gone