I explore the domain of painting through projects based on the principle of montage, series where conversations, collected notes, subjective elements of language are transcribed and transposed. It includes the process of layering and transposing media such as voice, writing and music. The content is situ­ated in the translation, the tension between states – I’m interested in a non formal and a non visual approach of painting and in the processes that develop around it.


When there is translation, interpretation; modifications, ambivalences appear. This is what I'm interested in, the loss or the gain, the excess, the entropy that is operating as there is the tentative to shift from one state, from one form into another, from writing to voice and sound, from sound to painting, from physical phenomenons to effects of light. The relation between these forms, between the sounds and the paintings, is not a linear one. It’s not about creating a system, e.g. a synesthetic one. It’s not “this” or “that”, it’s more “parting from this or that”, it’s conflicted, deplaced.

Nadia Lichtig