Headless (figur I) Headless (figur II)
Headless (figur IV), wallpaper, Kunstsaele, Berlin, 2016 (French Connection, Perspectives on Support/ Surface, curated by Dr.Heike Fuhlbrügge, with André-Pierre Arnal, Shahin Afrassiabi, Florian Baudrexel, Eva Berendes, Katinka Bock, Miriam Böhm, Julien Dartois, Daniel Dezeuze, Noël Dolla, Valérie Favre, Katharina Grosse, Assaf Gruber, Simon Hantaï, Nadia Lichtig, Patrick Saytour, Claude Viallat)
Some nights ago I dreamt of Jean-Luc. We are sitting next to each other in a studio space. I paint circles. Jean-Luc is arranging fruits on a table. At some point I say to Jean-Luc: “You see, we are sitting here, talking, working, while others say that you are dead”. On his lips appears his usual smile. He says: “Tu vois”. I hear his voice as he says “tu vois”. Actually, I see his voice as he talks. It’s a texture made of coloured dots, coppery, orange, red, yellow, blue, white, grey. They form a grid which is moving. It is falling slowly, settling onto my skin and around me. I’m wondering, is it possible to sustain the memory of a voice? Is it possible to capture what it transfers, its vibrance, even though the person is no more?

Vinyl, one sided
Headless, performance, Rue Française, Paris
Headless, performance, La Panacée, Montpellier

Mille Temps, 2012/13

permanent site specific installation


Light installation reacting on the weather conditions of its emplacement , the strong sun and the strong wind of the mediterrean seaside in Serignan, France.




at daytime (30 prisms create ephermal colorings depending on the inclination of the sun)



at day (30 prisms)


at nighttime (45 immerged lights and an anemometre create movements of lights depending on the strength of the wind)

It's all gone





Tropical Thoughts


Vinyl  one-sided





VInyl, label Dokidoki, Paris
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