Pictures  of Nothing, ongoing, 2018

(gold leaf on paper, sound, pencil on tracing paper, digital print, oil and gold leaf on canvas, ink on imprinted canvas, fragrances, performance)




Ghosttrap, ongoing, 2018

(photography, drawing, sound, performance, vinyl)





Pictures of Nothing, ongoing, 2018

Ghosttrap, ongoing, 2018

Parfum de l'Oubli, ongoing, 2018


Gossip as Testimony, 2015/17

It's all gone, 2014

Memory Gardens, 2010

Mille Temps, 2012/13

Tropical Thoughts, 2012

Headless, 2013/17

Older works


EchoparK, 2001/05

Falseparklocation, 2005/09





Unfinished Sympathy

A collection of testimonies about fear worked out as prose and photography.



Sound Study Series, 2012 -

The series Sound Study is about catching  autobiographic and fragmentary memory of words, and their transcription into painting.


Tropical Thoughts


Mille Temps, 2012

Site specific installation


Memory Gardens



It's all gone