N.Lichtig, Blank Spots, frottages (graphite, cleaning liquids and dust on canvas), approx. 170 x 160 cm and 180 x 170 cm each / theatre light / sound,  2017 — ongoing
N.Lichtig, Blank Spots Notes, score, digital pigment print on paper / performance, 2017 — ongoing

Blank Spots is a series is a associated with historical events and national trauma. Blank Spots (București) is a series of frottages of street adresses in Bucharest city where the Pogrom of January 1941 has taken place.The frottages have been made by imprinting the structures of these grounds on site, with graphite on canvas. Blank Spots (Reichsbahnbunker) are frottages have that been made in the streets around the Reichsbahnbunker, built in 1942 in the center of Berlin by war prisoners. They have been made in two different manners: by cleaning the surfaces of these grounds with cleaning liquids on canvas, and by imprinting the structures of these grounds on site with graphite on canvas. I consider the frottages as cartographies that, as precisely as these events are historically rooted, concentrate the dust on the surface of each trauma, buried in the ground.

Blank Spots Notes & Score is a musical notation drawing from the frottages. The texts are collected notes, reflections on dust, breath, stars, science, memory and oblivion. The score is interpreted as a choral performance for one or more voices.

Choral performances can be listened to here:

Blank Spots Notes for six voices, 2021,Belkin Gallery Vancouver:Choral performance composed on the basis of Blank Spots Notes by Anthony Knight (Vancouver, Canada) and Walker Williams (Vancouver, Canada). In collaboration with the Department of Music of the University of British Columbia.Light programming: Jürgen Kääriäinen. Soundmastering: Christian Bouyjou.

2022 in:
Drift, Art and Dark Matter, curated by Sunny Kerr, Art Museum, Toronto, Canada
Histoires de Silences, Galerie Anne+, Paris, France
Drift, Art and Dark Matter, curated by Sunny Kerr, Carlton University Art Gallery (CUAG), Ottawa, Canada

2021 in:
Muj Utek, Zamek, Poznan, Poland, curated by Jagna Domzalska.
Image fantôme, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucarest, Romania, curated by Cristina Stoenescu.
Drift: Art and Dark Matter, Belkin Gallery, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, curated by Sunny Kerr.

Drift: Art and Dark Matter, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queens University, Kingston, Canada, curated by Sunny Kerr.

2019 in:
Schwankhalle, Bremen, Germany
Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Delmenhorst, Germany

2017 in:
Kunstverein am Roas-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, Germany