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N.Lichtig, Mon nom sera Frank, 2008
Booklet available to the public for free during the Biennale,

32 pages, 15x10.5 cm, edition of 5000 exemplaries, some augmented  with a unique photograph + soundpiece to be broadcasted in the Rennes metro, 33'.

As part of her residency at Keolis Réseau Star, in the context of the Rennes Biennale, Nadia Lichtig proposes a textual work, a fiction, a subjective vision of the Bus company Keolis, based on interviews with employees speaking about their work experience. This material also serves as the basis for a sound piece to be broadcast in the metro, replacing the usual radio broadcast.

"My texts take intimacy as their source, but this intimacy is transformed, transfigured, so that it appears as pure and simple text, devoid of autobiographies, a surface that everyone can appropriate. I am nourished by a whole stream of writing that uses fragments, collage, cut-up, giving a large part to transcriptions. By arranging interviews that I conduct, my texts give a literal account of my encounters."

2008 in: Biennale de Rennes, curated by Raphaëlle Jeune, catalogue

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