At daytime, 30 prisms suspended over the court yard diffract the sunlight as its rays touch the prisms.

At nighttime, 45 immerged lights behind the 200 m long facade related to a weatherstation on the roof, make visible the mouvements of the wind in real time.

Mille Temps, 2012

Lycée Marc Bloch, Sérignan, France,

permanent site specific installation

(30 prisms, 45 Led lights, anemometer, controler)


Mille Temps, a permanent installation on a school campus that Lichtig set up in the southern French town of Serignan. The sunlight falling on prisms causes small rainbows to appear, the nocturnal light phenomena are the result o retranscriptions of the measurement of wind speed in real time.

(Ludwig Seyfarth)


« Qu’est-ce que la Méditerranée ? Mille choses à la fois. Non pas un paysage, mais d’innombrables paysages. Non pas une mer, mais une succession de mer. Non pas une civilisation, mais des civilisations entassées les unes sur les autres. »

(La Méditerranée, Fernand Braudel)