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My artistic practice is based on the collection of voices.
I call ‘voices’ sounds that I draw from spoken and
written words in letters, writings, research, history,
both in languages I do and don’t understand. In my
series, these voices unfold in interrelations, in intervals
between different practices, where each gesture questions
the present and what constitutes it. In my point
of my view, art alone does not exist. Art is linked to
history, politics, science, stories, anthropology, ghosts.
These fields of knowledge and non-knowledge are simultaneously
present in my practice, which doesn’t act
in a clear sense, and is not directed towards a precise
meaning. I believe in an art that puts us in touch with
an unexplained reality that reflects the complexity and
contradiction of the living, that constitutes our being,
and of what in our society has no reference points.
Creating homes for imagination is, in my opinion, the
most political and most disturbing act there is.









































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