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currently under construction

N.Lichtig, Dust (Reinigungsarbeiten), photograms, 30x40 cm each, 2018/19 — ongoing

The series of Dust (Reiningungsarbeiten) takes up an obsessive gesture, that of washing and cleaning a surface, as a vain attempt of erasing traces. The photograms are the result of the cleaning of a glass plate, washed and rewashed with various drugstore and household products.

2023 in: Between the lines, Galerie Lligat, Perpignan

2022 in: Histores de Silences, Galerie Anne+, Paris
Drift, Art and Dark Matter, curated by Sunny Kerr, Belkin Gallery British Columbia University, Vancouver, Canada.

2021 in:
Drift, Art and Dark Matter
, curated by Sunny Kerr, Toronto, Art Museum, Toronto, Canada.
Drift, Art and Dark Matter
, curated by Sunny Kerr, Agnes Etherington Art Centre,  Queens University, Kingston, Canada.

2020 in:
Dust: the plates of the present, curated by Florian Ebner, Centre Pompidou, Paris France. Catalogue: spectorbooks


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