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N.Lichtig, Ghosttrap, photography + silkscreenprints (variable size, timer, lights), 2007— ongoing

N.Lichtig, Ghosttrap, photography + silkscreenprints (variable size, timer, lights), Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, 2018, Freiburg (G)

N.Lichtig, Ghosttrap, lecture (photography, microphone, vinyl), 2020, via Zoom, Kingston, Canada

Long-exposure night photographs, sometimes partly overpainted, are combined with short stories of fears collected, and silkcreend on paper with photoluminescent ink. One can see alternatively only the photograph or the text. Not all stories found a photograph yet or ever will: the photographs are made a posteriori, at places that evoke the scenery of the memory told. Some stories are hanging alone, underlining the lacunar and hazardous relation between the story and its image. The series Ghosttrap pairs up to now 32 collected stories of individual fears with  24 photographs.

The stories have been told by non-native English speakers, and are retranscribed in their singularity — both textually on the silkscreen prints, and orally on vinyl and during the lecture — keeping the particularity of prosody of each speaker.

During the lecture, while listening to the testimonies via headphones, repeating them aloud, the narrator is, while speaking, trying to assign a picture to each story, reconsidering the relationship between both the uncertainty of language and the its visual representation.

2022 in:
Histores de Silences, Galerie Anne+, Paris

2021 in:
Muj Utek, Zamek, Poznan, Poland, curated by Jagna Domzalska.
Image fantôme, Goethe Institut / Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, curated by Cristina Stoenescu.
Sammeln, Lesen, Denken, Institut Marc Bloch, Berlin, Germany, organized by Marion Picker.

2018 in:
Nachtstücke, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Freiburg, curated  by Heidi Brunnschweiler. Text by Heidi Brunnschweiler:  in German / in English

2017 in:
Ghosttrap, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, curated by Susanne Prinz.

2016 in:
Art & Anthroplogy, Galerie am Körnerpark, Berlin, curated by Heike Fuhlbrügge.


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