N.Lichtig, Ghosttrap—photography variable sizes + installation (photoluminescent silkscreen prints, timer, lights) + performance (headphones, microphone, vinylplayer, speaker, vynil, sometimes projection). 2007—ongoing.

With Ghosttrap I'm collecting anonymous interviews of people with migrant backround, telling their fears. We do these interviews in English, even though any of the interviewees nor myself are native English speakers. I'm interested in the particularites of language each of the speakers invents, and how the repressed, interiority and the subjective appears in speech. I print their texts as silkscreens with photoluminescent ink (a ink only readable in the dark) keeping the prosody and singularities of each speaker. For some of these stories I make long exposure photographs of places where these fears might have taken place or taken their origin. As a performance, I re-say these stories: I listen to the original texts via headphones, repeating them aloud. Ghosttrap is trying to capture ghosts, those of the past, haunting the present.

Ghosttrap is a three part work, consisting of a light installation, a performance and a series photography which I show separately or next to each other in distinct rooms:

The texts are shown as an installation consisting of silkscreen prints made with photoluminescent ink, a timer and flash lights, that go on and off every two minutes. The texts are only readable when the room gets dark.

As a performance, I re-say the testimonies collected. They have been printed on vinyl by Dokidoki records Paris. I use this vinyl during the performance:  listening to it via headphones, and I resay the testimonies, turning the back to the public. Sometimes the performance is shown with the projection of the photographs corresponding to the texts.

The series photographs consist of long exposure silver prints. Not all stories relate to a photograph. To underline this lacunar aspect, they are hung with spacings, indicating the missing picture.

2018 in: Nachtstücke, cur. by Heidi Brunnschweiler, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Freiburg
2017 in: Ghosttrap, cur. by Susanne Prinz, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
2016 in: Art & Anthroplogy, cur. by Heike Fuhlbrügge, Galerie am Körnerpark, Berlin