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N.Lichtig, Memory Gardens, acrylic on canvas, prints on synthetic silk, variable sizes, 2010 – ongoing

Memory Gardens is a series consisting of landscape paintings and prints that show these same paintings in different colors and sizes. The motifs are related memory: as all with memory, uncertainty of representation persists. These prints, that are acting as curtains, underline that shifting state of mind of something we remember but will always alerate, change.

2024 in:
Aux encres etcetera, Clémence Boisanté Gallery Montpellier (France)

2022 in:
About Painting #3, Anne Kaminsky, Nadia Lichtig, Martin Wörl, curated by Ludwig Seyfarth, Kantine, Benzstrasse 11, Puchheim/Munich (Germany)

2014 in:
Memory Gardens, Lycée Marc Bloch, Sérignan (France)

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