N.Lichtig, Painting as Passage — three group exhibitions: exact list for all participating artists below, three editions FR/GE, A4 format + performance. 2017— ongoing

Painting as Passage consists in three exhibitions and a performance. The three exhibitions are investing the question: What is a painting? What should be expected from a painting? Perhaps pleasure, a form of 'radiance' (this is the word Yves Klein uses) or perhaps a form of testimony? What about the place of the body - sex, gender, language - in this context?
The first exhibition 'Unfinished Sympathy' is built around the question: What is the relationship between painting and time? The second exhibition 'Phototropia', questions the limits of the painting, the overflowing, the surpassing of the painting from its frame: what relationship does painting have with space? And the third exhibition 'Grammaires fantômes / Phantomgrammatiken' asks for the link between painting and language: in what way is painting language? To what extent does painting deconstruct or escape language?


Drawing a territory, the organization of these three exhibitions are approched as an auto-fiction, which takes the form of a performance.


Unfinished Sympathy Nov.17—Feb.18, Edition, (A4, 500 ex.), including a conversion with Ludwig Seyfarth Maison de Heidelberg, German Cultural Center, Montpellier.

Exhibition with Hansjörg Dobliar, Thomas Fougeirol, Nadira Husain, Shila Khatami, Daniel Lergon, Nadia Lichtig, Alexander Lieck, Emmanuel van der Meulen, Bernard Piffaretti, Renaud Regnery, Samuel Richardot, Katharina Schmidt, Stephanie von Schröter, Benjamin Swaim.

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Phototropia, Nov.18—Feb.19, Edition (A4, 500 ex.), including a conversation with Heike Fuhlbrügge, Maison de Heidelberg, German Cultural Center, Montpellier.

Exhibition with Antje Engelmann, Anke Lohrer, Emmanuelle Castellan, Giovanna Sarti, Hanako Geierhos, Joseph Beuys, Karin Pliem, Lars Breuer, Nadia Lichtig.

Edition PDF French/ German


Grammaires fantômes / Phantomgrammatiken, Nov.19—Feb.20, Edition (A4, 500 ex.), including a conversation with Rahma Khazam, Maison de Heidelberg, German Cultural Center, Montpellier.

Exhibition with André-Pierre Arnal, Lars Breuer, Cordula Ditz, Guillaume Durrieu, Carola Ernst, Friederike Feldmann, Fabian Ginsberg, Olivier Gourvil, Jasmine Justice, Daniel Lergon/Gregory Carlock, Nadia Lichtig, Klaus Merkel, Edouard Prulhière, Baptiste Roca, Katharina Schmidt, Isabelle Simonou-Viallat, Hazel Ann Watling/Nicolas Ramel, Michaela Zimmer.

Edition PDF French/German