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German version

N.Lichtig, Ziziphus zizyphus (As far back as I will remember...) / Ziziphus zizyphus (Soweit ich mich zurückerinnern kann...)—paper work,variable sizes, sound piece, 37'37, 2021—

Ziziphus zizyphus is a monologue formulated from the point of view of the Ziziphus zizyphus plant. Written in the future tense, the plant speaks about its nomenclatural history, its geographic and cultural expansion as well as its chemical power. Progressively it also describes a future where a sixth mass extinction has taken place and where the Ziziphus zizyphus becomes a “superspecies” colonizing the planet earth.

2021: 5.6.-3.10.2021 Ich bin Natur. Von der Verletzlichkeit. Überleben in der Risikogesellschaft. / I am Nature. On Vulnerability. Survival in the Risk Society., ROHKUNSTBAU XXVI, Schloß Lieberose, Brandenburg (G), curated by Heike Fuhlbrügge

2021: a first version of the text has been edited by Alister Robinson and Ed Juler in: Post-Specimen — Encounters Between Art, Science and Curating, Intellect Books, Bristol (GB)