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N.Lichtig, When Our Lips Speak Together, oil on linen, variable sizes, reading, 2023–ongoing

The paintings of the series When Our Lips Speak Together are all separated by a line. A series of superimposed gestures and colours hide and make reappear shapes, like a palimpsest, a manuscript which inscriptions have been removed so that these can be written on again.

Like the Rorschach technique, in which paper with fresh ink is folded, and then interpreted, each painting is 'listened to' until it begins to 'speak'. Words then appear accompaning each painting, inspired by our everyday surroundings.

As a whole, the series speaks of a relative oblivion, of elements of understanding that have been lost or erased, and which, paradoxically, as a result of successive gestures and transformations, are reconsidered, recognised and reinvented through painting.


In a more complex form, implicating musical collaborations, the words that the paintings make appear, exist also as radio soundpieces, where the process of echoing a painting expands to works of other artists. The soundpieces can be listed to at:

2024 in:
Echolalia, Maison de Heidelberg, Montpellier, France
Echolalia, Radio Divergence  Montpellier, France

2023 in:
When our lips speak together, Anne+, Paris, France

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