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is a priniciple of exhibition: In each episode, a work of art speaks in a subjective voice, giving its point of view of what it perceives.


Grammaires fantômes

is a program reporting on art practices, through the eyes of artists, curators, critics, researchers and anyone else who wants to contribute.


Blank Spots

is assembling sound pieces based on research notes conceived for the ongoing visual installation Blank Spots, (graphite, cleaning liquids and dust on canvas), 2017

Blank Spots Choral Perfomance for six voices was performed on 24th of November 2021 at Belkin Gallery, Vancouver is a live performance developped in collaboration with the composers Walker Williams and Antony Knight, and performed in the context of the exhibition Drift: Art and Dark Matter curated by Sunny Kerr at Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver Canada:



"Painted in black", "Rests of" and "No Memory" have been recorded as a live performance and relate to the Blank Spots (Bucuresti) works:































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