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N.Lichtig, (Un)unframed, pencil on paper, plastic, metal, wood ; concert / performative lecture: voice, looper, speaker, variable length, 2012 — ongoing

The object of this series are dedicated to a person. At times, they are being activated as a score, becoming a concert/performative reading, followed by a gesture of exchange for another object. (Un)unframed is at the same time an archive of encounters, a score evoking a secondary memory and an object initiating a "potlatch" — a framework of symbolic sharing.

2021 in: GaK, Bremen, Germany (lecture performée)
2020 in: Mistral, Site Site Parasite, Marseille, France.
2019 in: Grammaires fantômes / Phantomgrammatiken, Maison de Heidelberg, Montpellier, France.

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